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Early Diagnosis & Cancer Prevention

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that is done to look for cancer, colon polyps or other abnormalities inside your large bowel (colon).

Colonoscopy is done using an instrument called a colonoscope (a type of endoscope) — a long, thin, flexible tube containing a camera and a light. When inserted into the rectum and gently pushed along the colon, it allows the doctor to see the lining of the whole large bowel. A tool can also be used during a colonoscopy to take samples (biopsies) or remove abnormal tissue such as polyps.

A good quality colonoscopy can only be achieved if the bowel is thoroughly cleaned and emptied of all solid matter (Bowel Preparation). A good bowel preparation allows Dr Prichard to clearly see the lining of the bowel and thoroughly examine the colon. The procedure is then more likely to be accurate and complete.

Colonoscopy: Services

Diet and Preparations

MOVIPREP & White Diet

MOVIPREP & Clear Fluids

Prep Kit C & White Diet

Prep Kit C & Clear Fluids

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